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Survey on methods used for bias adjustments

Bias adjustment will be performed in the FP7 project Climate Information Platform for Copernicus (CLIPC), and the project is carrying out a survey of different methods used and different resoutces/tools/methods that are available.

COST-VALUE can have an input on this, and I would ask anyone in VALUE who are involved in bias adjustment to participate by filling in this SURVEY (a few questions only)

Input to ClipC

The FP7-CLIPC project wants your participation in a survey that helps to develop the Climate Information Portal for Copernicus: a pre-operational portal informing the EU’s one-stop shop for climate data and climate impact indicators, improving on the currently fragmented information sources.


Evaluation also done in SPECS

There is some potentially overlap between COST-VALUE and FP7-SPECS, where one activity involves  validation of s2d forecasts. This activity is lead by the Exeter climate-statistics group (David Stephenson), and involves making an R-package to compute skill scores.

Facebook page for the use of clim.pact for the 1st VALUE training school

I've created a facebook page for people interested in the use of clim.pact to share information and experiences:

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). 2013 first open call

The first call of the 2013 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) is open. More information:

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). 2012 open call

 Call for applications for


in the frame of COST Action ES1102